"Slack Time"
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Museum Quality    Bronze Sculpture

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"Slack Time"
H 23½"
W 14"
D 14"
Limited Edition 21 - Bronze Date 1992

The life of a working cowboy is just that... a life of working. Sunup finds him with a good horse under him and a long day ahead. A day riding country that can kill his mount and brush that can tear him to shreds. He fights drought, blizzard, flood, mud and critters that fly, crawl and slither for no reason but to irritate, sting and poison him.
He works with fences that can rip his hide, a rope that will burn to the bone, settin’ in a saddle that can bow a man's legs and his enthusiasm, strapped to a horse of uncertain temperament. All so he can nursemaid livestock that outweighs him by hundreds of pounds and is mostly intent on giving him full benefit of the fact that it is plumb full o’mean.
A unique man who accepts his lumps, works in pain and takes his pay at “forty a month and found.”
Leisure is mighty scarce, but it is usually spent doin’ for fun what he does for a living. And a man doesn't need much to polish his skill with his lariat and maybe just plain show off... when he has a little “Slack Time.”

--William M. Finklea

Story created and written from sculptor's concept.
Photography by Joe Webb
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