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H 17"
W 15"
D 9"
Limited Edition 30 - Bronze Date 1991

The heart of Bear Woman was a place of great sadness, filled with haunting grief for her lost Shaman. Yet, there in the meadows of her memory his spirit walked and was ever with her.
His words of love in the private times in their robes had given her joys to soar above the clouds. “Never be afraid, my wife,” he had told her. “For even if Wakan’tanka should call me away from you as we now are, my spirit will I leave with you. I will always be near.”
When set upon by the Great Bear, her Shaman's words sent her arrows to the mark. The mighty beast fell dead at her feet and she became keeper of its wisdom and spirit. Her Shaman's teachings had seen her through the angry winter journey and guided her to her people.
She knew his words to be true. The thought soothed her loneliness as the mountain stream cools the thirsty land.
He was near. She was sustained.

--William M. Finklea

Story created and written from sculptor's concept.
Photography by Joe Webb
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