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He sends the message of His love in many ways.
Even by the gift of His son, Jesus Christ, to a world which - but for a few - would denounce His teachings, shun His promise, spurn His love.
A world which would crown Him with thorns, nail Him to a cross and crucify Him beside thieves.
They took His gift of love, His offer of everlasting life and trod it into the dirt of their own wickedness.
Yet, as He hung bleeding, desecrated, dying - Jesus asked His Father to forgive His killers.
So great was His love. That love reaches out to us through the eyes of this work of Jesus Christ, with its crown of 33 thorns, one for each year of His life to the time of His crucifixion.
It would seem He notices not the pain of thorns, of nails driven through His flesh,
but the pain of loss - for those who did this to Him.
In His face - in His eyes - there is only sadness and compassion for those who would not take His hand.

--William M. Finklea
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