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Wisdom calls out to all that they may harken unto her and be blessed in the keeping of her ways.
She cries out to man that to follow her teaching and walk in the path of Godís love is to know richness of the soul far beyond worldly wealth.
And now... today... this moment... mankind is adrift in a world besotted with misunderstanding and misgiving.
In giant strides, man has brought himself to a place of chaos and complexity.
He has, to such great degree, turned his back on his Creator and Father, that only self-destruction will sate his frenzied foraging for all that is counter to Godís way.
Councils of the great achieve nothing.
In Proverbs 8, Wisdom tells us simply, beautifully, powerfully... the answer to the chaos, the way to serenity.
If we would but hear Wisdomís Call.

--William M. Finklea
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